Welcome to Raging Cowboy Productions and Forgiven Son Productions

Raging Cowboy Productions was started by Marc and Angel Allen in 2010. Marc has been involved in the entertainment business for close to 30 years, and wanted to branch out with his own company. With the help of his wife, Angel, he has done just that. Our mission is to write and produce quality films using local Tennessee and Southeast Talent and Crew. We strive to deliver unique stories with characters that are sure to entertain our viewers in multiple genres to include horror, thriller, drama, romance and as of 2016 a Faith Based counterpart, Forgiven Son Productions.


We pay everything out of pocket therefore PROJECTS ARE NOT GUARANTEED PAID GIGS.  We do strive to use local talent, but if needed we will try to provide lodging if necessary, but NOT guaranteed. We are NON-UNION. Not all finished projects will go on to film festivals.


Marc's goal is to first and foremost help those achieve bigger goals by using RCP as a stepping stone in their career path. Although there has been many nominations and even awards won from various film festivals, Marc has made sure to stay grounded and gives all the credit to God and Jesus Christ first and foremost.

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