Forgiven Son Productions

Forgiven Son Productions is under the parent company Raging Cowboy Productions. Forgiven Son Productions is the Faith Based-Family Friendly genre part of the company. It was started in 2016 after Marc wrote some family friendly scripts wanting to reach all audiences.

These short and feature films generally have a Bible passage or verse connection in some way. The first short under Forgiven Son Productions "Samantha" won numerous awards in 2017. Following that film FSP filmed "Speed Kills" in 2017, which has also earned many nominations and awards in the film festival circuit. In 2018 FSP has filmed it's first feature film "The Stranger" with an outstanding cast that has also won more accolades and praises to God and Jesus Christ whom is our Savior.

In 2020 Forgiven Sons is looking forward to filming our newest feature film "Open Wounds'. This screenplay has been selected and a finalist for many film festivals. 

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