Living in Sin (Feature - 2012): A killer lurks in the darkness behind the shadows of a college campus. Can the lead detective catch them before they kill again or will this Jack the Ripper get away with murder? A seasoned detective (McFarland) is on the hunt for a campus serial killer. McFarland wants to follow his gut, but the evidence points him in a different direction. When the killings stop, McFarland keeps investigating. Will he discover the truth behind the mutilated kills or will the killer become the newest Jack the Ripper and get away with murder?—Starring: Garret Ethan Whittington; Christopher James; Chris Carpenter; Steve McClain

Samantha (Short - 2016): Samantha is a typical teenager who is faithful to herself, her friends and most of all her father. She has gone against the grain, turning to temptation and had premarital sex with her boyfriend. Now she has to find a way to mend the bond and trust she destroyed with her father. Her father, Tobias, is not interested in mending anything due to the fact he doesn't know how. Before the bridges that burned become repaired, God had other plans for Samantha.—Starring: Maddie Kimrey; Evelyn Rose; April Tweedy; Karla Dansereau; Marc Allen

Speed Kills (Short - 2017): This film is a faith-based film about an all-girls youth basketball team that is determined to show the town council they won't take no for an answer. A teenage girl moves to a small town which is run by corrupt former male athletes. She didn't know that girls were forbidden to play sports, but through her love for the game of basketball and running into one of her idols, she convinces the girls of her church to stand their ground against the town council and the silly by-laws.—Starring: Jordan Price; Maddie Kimrey; Macie McSwain; James Alcorn; Abigail Fordham

The Stranger (Feature - 2018): A young girl befriends a homeless man who is in search of the family he lost years ago. Krista sees the good in everybody and has the heart big enough to share the love of God with everyone she meets. Her new friend, a homeless man, seems to have something to share with Krista but doesn't know how to face the truth. Charity, Krista's older sister, doesn't trust this man. Through the love of God, the act of kindness, and faith in forgiveness The Stranger finds what he has been searching for.—Starring: Kara Brooke; Maddie Kimrey; Marc Allen; Marvin West; and Karla Dansereau


The World of Geography: Inside the Classroom (2013): A look inside the classroom of Geography Majors at MTSU.—Starring: Jordan Brasher; Dr. Jim Henry; Alan Brown; Marc Allen

The World of Geology: Inside the Classroom (2013): A look inside the classroom of Geology Majors at MTSU.—Starring: Dr Melissa Lobegeir; Alan Brown


Tree of Life: Christmas Tree Open House (2013): A self-employed jewelry maker opens her house every year to spread the word of the Bible by placing over 85 Christmas Trees around her house. Each tree has a different theme and most have a special Bible verse attached to it. Spreading the Good News of Jesus birth while celebrating joyous moments with the public.—Starring: Linda Feagans; David Feagans

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Dream House: Thriller; Paranormal; Short ANNOUNCED

Keep On Rockin': Drama, Based on Actual Events; Feature ANNOUNCED

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Open Wounds: Drama; Faith Based Starring: Emily Conley, Jordan Price, Maddie Kimrey (Award Winner for Screenplay Competition) POST PRODUCTION

The Struggle Within: Drama; Short (Award Winner for Screenplay Competition) ANNOUNCED

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