Raging Cowboy Productions

Raging Cowboy Productions was started in 2010 with the goal of making quality films. Using the experience that was picked up from years of being on set as an actor, founder Marc Allen transformed that information and knowledge to being behind the camera. Raging Cowboy Productions is the parent company that puts out more secular films and documentaries beginning with the feature film Living in Sin (2012).

RCP is willing to put out all genres from horror/thriller to romantic dramas. In 2020 RCP will be filming the award winning screenplay "Screamer" written by Marc.


Beginning by using local talent from Nashville, Tennessee and the surrounding area for both on camera and behind the scenes, this company is expanding to others in the Southeast region as well.

There is no experience level needed for any of the projects, as Marc is willing to help and work with those who want to learn. Marc looks forward to helping those to the next level in their ambitions and goals. With a mixture of talent levels, this helps make all the projects exciting and fresh.

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